WhiteKnight Guardians
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

White Knight:
"A person or thing that comes to someone's aid"

 Home of Turkish import bloodlined premium AKC registered show, breeding, and working stock.
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The most recent update was done on 12-6-19 and is on the "Kellyanne-Louie Litter" page.
ABOUT US:  WhiteKnight Guardians are Premium AKC registered show and breeding quality Anatolian Shepherd Livestock guardian dogs (also known as Anatolians, ASD's and LGD's).  Our mission is to produce superior quality dogs for the purpose of guarding all types of livestock including sheep, goats, alpacas, as well as families.  We focus on producing the type of dogs which will be used to improve the quality of available Anatolian Shepherd Dogs in America. Great care has been taken to insure the mental and structural soundness of each dog we breed.  We are excited to announce a new litter which arrived August 27th!  Please click on the "litters" button above for detailed infomation and access to the "Kellyanne-Louie litter" page. 
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Not just any male makes it into our breeding program.  All our sires have been proven in the show ring and are AKC Champions of record.  More importantly, they are all working livestock guardians with sheep in the field, and screened medically.   All have the outstanding qualities needed to preserve the integrity of this breed which is thousands of years old.  Please go to our “SIRES” tab above to meet our males.

Again, our Dams are all health tested.  Please hover over the "DAMS" tab above and click on the name of the dog you would like to view.
In conversations with people looking for their dream Anatolian Shepherd Dog, I often hear, I'm not looking for a "show dog" so that's not important to me..."  The showing is just a bonus for us!  We are PASSIONATE about producing superior pups that will improve the health, temperament, and quality of Anatolians in America.