WhiteKnight Guardians
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs

White Knight:
"A person or thing that comes to someone's aid"

 Home of Turkish import bloodlined premium AKC registered show, breeding, and working stock.
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The most recent update was done on 11-6-19 and is on the "Kellyanne-Louie Litter" page.
WhiteKnight's Princess Anastasia
Rough Coat Fawn with a black Mask
95 lbs 
​at 2 years old

Anna is the best Livestock Guardian I have ever encountered.  She has a tender gentle attitude toward the livestock, however is a fierce warior when it comes to protecting her property.   She does not have an alpah personality and is easy to integrate with any of my groups of dogs.   She gets along with every dog I have put her with.   More information to come.