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White Knight:
"A person or thing that comes to someone's aid"

 Home of Turkish import bloodlined premium AKC registered show, breeding, and working stock.
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On 1-9-20 updates were done.  Individual pictures of the Melania/Kutup and the Jenny/Rex litters were updated.  
IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you emailed me in the last weeks, please accept my apology for not responding yet.   We had A LOT of company over the Christmas and New Year holiday and I am VERY behind on answering emails.   If you emailed me, feel free to email again or be patient.  I will answer every email I have received as soon as possible. I have almost caught up, but I'm not quite there yet.   God Bless and Happy New Year!  (Updated 1-9-2020)  

As previously mentioned, our goal at WhiteKnight Guardians is to produce outstanding quality Anatolian Shepherds to help impove the quality of available Anatolians in America.   One fascette of a quality breeding program is the need to rehome dogs who are no longer an active part of our breeding program.  A breeder could quickly become a hoarder of dogs if this important aspect of breeding was overlooked.  We are blessed to be able to enjoy the company of these amazing dogs for a short period.  Eventually, they will all retire from breeding program and require placement.   A great deal of work and care goes into preparring these dogs for their forever jobs as Livestock Guardians and/or family Guardians.  

We are proud of these seasoned Livestock Guardian dogs who are being made available to new operations.   The below dogs are currently available.
​Shepherds Rest Ruth, WhiteKnight of TN
​**Ruth has gone to her new home**
Ruth was born on 4-31-16.  We decided not to add Ruth to our breeding program.   She has been spayed and is looking for her forever working home.  She is extremely well mannered.  Ruth weighs 90 lbs.  She gets along well with other dogs unless another female is in heat.  She travels well, is very polite on a leash, will not jump on people, is good with children, and will not dart through an open gate when I take my tractor in her field.  She has been with sheep and goats. and is currently with Alpaca.  Ruth has not been around chickens or cats.  On Easter, she slipped on a wet deck and tore her ACL on her back left leg.  Surgery was not required.  Normally she does not limp or the limp is very subtle.  Because the joint will always be weak, Ruth requires a light duty home where she can guard a small number of sheep or goats in a smaller lot, or needs to go to a family as a pet.   There is no charge for Ruth.  I am offering her free to a good home, however a committment of proper care contract must be signed.  Please drop me a note if you would like to come meet Ruth.