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The most recent update was done on 11-6-19 and is on the "Kellyanne-Louie Litter" page.
Kellyanne - Louie
DOB 8-26-19
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We are THRILLED to announce a DOUBLE CHAMPION close Turkish import litter.  Kellyanne was bred to Louie.  The litter was born on 8-26-19 and will be 8 weeks old on October 21st.   The Pat Hastings evaluation will happen in the evening on October 22.  Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes on Wednesday October 23rd after selections are made.        (EMAIL ADDRESS:  [email protected])

There are 5 males and 4 females in the litter.  Please scroll down to see individual pictures of each puppy.  Please don't get too attached to the color they are now.   Their color will change dramatically as they mature.  Some of the Brindle puppies will be the "black Brindle" and others will mature to a "fawn brindle".  It's tough to determine the adult colors at this time but I have given it my best guess in the descriptions below.  Puppies will be $900.00 for Fawns with a black mask and $1000.00 for Brindle puppies with limited registration.   Show breeding puppies will go to approved homes with Fawn with a black mask pups at $2500.00 and Brindles $3000.00.   Please click on the above "litters" tab for copies of my contract/warranty, prices, and the puppy selection process. 

I am now accepting deposits.   Please email me if you would like send a deposit for one of the pups.   The easiest way to place a deposit is using PayPal which is tied to my email address [email protected]  You can avoid the 3% fee if you use the "Friends and Family" option.   If you use the "Send payment" option, please add 3%.

The 8 week evaluation for show potential has been completed and the puppies who had deposits on them have gone to their new homes.  Life got busy again...  I have finally updated the site with accurate availablility.  Please scroll down to see the individual pictures of the puppies.   The males from this litter have all been spoken for.  Brindle male #3 has a deposit on him, however the sale is not final yet.  Fawn male #5 has someone coming to meet him on Saturday but the sale is not final yet.   Brindle Female #'s 6 and 7 are available.  Fawn female #9 is available.

(Updated Friday 11-6-19)
AKC Ch, "Shepherds Rest Kellyanne"
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​AKC Ch, "Shepherds Rest Louie"
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Group Photos:
The pups have graduated to the outside pen and the next stage in their training program.  Above is #04 getting to know the new room mate.
I would not put just any sheep with puppies.   Sheep can be VERY aggressive with puppies.  This particular lamb has a unique history.   She was the last lamb to be born this season.  Her mother got a horrible case of mastitis and passed away.   This lamb has been only with dogs and her mother her entire life.  Dogs are more common to her than other sheep and she is very comfortable around them.   She is a valuable asset to our training program.
The pups are following Jack to the Industrial Hemp field for a fun day of exercise while we water the plants.  This is our first year growing Hemp.  We are excited to see our efforts being used for research to aid people with illnesses such as Traumatic Brain injuries, Seizures, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's.
So much for exercise...  IT'S HOT Mom!!
Picnic lunch in the Hemp field.
#01 Blue collar Male Brindle 8 weeks old
I love the double white stripe on his chest!
02 Male Red Collar Brindle 8 weeks old
Second Pick male puppy
03 White Collar Male Brindle at 8 weeks old.
04 Yellow Collar Male Fawn at 8 weeks old.
05 Green Collar Male Fawn at 8 weeks old.
06 Yellow Collar Female Brindle at 8 weeks old. 
She is by far the most gregarious, outgoing pup in the litter.   She is typically the first one under my feet when I enter the pen.  I had a deposit on her, however the buyer had the opportunity of a lifetime to take a class in Paris and backed out of the sale.  This puppy is available to a family guardian home for $1000.00

Heading 3

07 Green Collar Female Brindle at 8 weeks old.
This LOVELY girl was the second female pick puppy.  Her structure is just exquisite!  Her personality is very tender, gentle, and sweet.   I wish I could keep both she and #8, but I promised myself I get to keep only 1 from this litter.   She is available to an approved show/breeding home for $3000.00 or the right working/guardian home with limited AKC registration for $1000.00
08 Orange Collar Female Brindle at 8 weeks old.
She was the pick female in the litter and will be added to our breeding program.   This next new AKC Champion's new name is WhiteKnight's Candace Owen.
No one stacked her for this picture.   This was a natural stop.   I can't wait to get this girl in the ring!!!
09 White Collar Female Fawn at 8 weeks old.​
This girl has a typical "Aloof Anatolian Personality".  She is tough and less interested in being with people. She tends to focus more strongly on her environment.  She is available to a guardian home for $900.00.
I couldn't help keeping her 6 week picture up!   JUST TOO CUTE!!! 
The puppies are with the chicks that were raised in a crate next to them.  Please understand that this DOES NOT make them safe with chickens.  Right now, the chicks are still faster than the pups.  Additionally, the pups teeth have not erupted well enough to hold or hurt the chickens when they investigate the birds.  This exercise is strictly part of the bonding process.  As the pups develop, they will want to interact with the chicks the same way they interact with other puppies.  The chicks will be removed at that time and the pups will graduate to bonding with sheep.
Below is my sweet sweet girl at 63 days which is her due date.   I remember feeling that big when I was pregnant.  She just can't get comfortable, even on her memory foam bed!  The cool floor must feel nice to her.  Today she is panting and won't let me out of her sight, but no digging or contractions yet.  We are all super excited and can't wait to cuddle the new babies!   I wonder which will be my next show dog??  Maybe this is the one that will take us to Westminster!  Which is going to be yours???   PUPPIES!!!  EEE!!!   
(Updated 8- 27-19)