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AKC Ch Shepherds Rest Kutup Ayisi
​Rough Coated Brindle Pinto
156 lbs, 33"
​at two years old
Three of his 4 grandparents were imported directly from Turkey which means that he is adding new bloodlines to our very tight gene pool in America.   Kutup is proven to produce both brindle and pinto.   He temperament is OUTSTANDING.  He is truly a fair Livestock Guardian who has displayed exceptional judgement with the livestock, his pack (which consists of other adult intact males), and visitors to the property.  His temperament is so confident and stable that he will tolerate and is very well mannered at dog shows in a building with 2000 other dogs sometimes in such tight quarters that the dogs often touch each other (some of these dogs are actually in standing heat).  His structure it the kind that you will want to pass on for generations.   He is OFA Excellent, in the top 5% of all Anatolians in the country based on his PennHips score, patellas are normal, thyroid is normal, and his bite is dead on.  Kutup is the kind of dog that will STILL be able to do his job in his Golden years when the majority of other dogs will have been retired due to arthritis.  His genetics will produce pups of the same quality.   I have seen Anatolians advertised prices ranging from $300.00 to $3000.00.  It takes the same amount of time, effort, and money (if you are doing the proper prebreeding health screenings) to raise a litter whether they are $300.00 or $3000.00.   Those who do not do the appropriate health testing prior to breeding will likely have someone come back to them in 2 years complaining that their dog has hip dysplasia, or a thyroid condition, or any of the other problems that the breed commonly has.  I have been that person who, after two years of training, loving, and caring for (vet bills, time spent socializing...) discovered the dog I had invested in has a health condition making it not only unable to preform the task I need the dog to do, but should not be bred because she is likely to pass those traits on to her pups,  AND the person I sell the pups to.  I HATE problems.  My goal is to bless people's lives with sound, stable dogs.   The LAST thing I want is to have someone come back to me telling me their dog is aggressive, or hurt someone's child, or won't stay in the field because it is SO TERRIFIED of lightning that it can't do it's job.  This is why I chose to go with the high end dogs.   Please don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to talk you into breeding to Kutup.  I just wanted to explain why his stud fee is so high.

Below is Kutup's pedigree.   Keep in mind that every dog whose name does not begin with the name "Shepherds Rest", either lives in Trukey, or was imported directly from Trukey.