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White Knight:
"A person or thing that comes to someone's aid"

 Home of Turkish import bloodlined premium AKC registered show, breeding, and working stock.
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On 1-9-20 updates were done.  Individual pictures of the Melania/Kutup and the Jenny/Rex litters were updated.  
IMPORTANT UPDATE: If you emailed me in the last weeks, please accept my apology for not responding yet.   We had A LOT of company over the Christmas and New Year holiday and I am VERY behind on answering emails.   If you emailed me, feel free to email again or be patient.  I will answer every email I have received as soon as possible. I have almost caught up, but I'm not quite there yet.   God Bless and Happy New Year!  (Updated 1-9-2020)  

This page contains detailed information concerning WhiteKnight litters.  Our prices, an explanation of the puppy selection process, and copies of our warranties are found here.  This is also where you can find access to current and past litters.   

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Limited AKC Registration Warranty/contract
​Please click on the tab above to see a copy of our warranty/contract for puppies being sold with limited registration and a spay neuter agreement.  "Limited Registration" refers to the AKC registration type and means that the puppy in question is not intended to be used for breeding or showing in Conformation events with AKC .  The puppy is eligible to compete in any other AKC event.  Puppies with this type of agreement generally go to working Livestock Guardians homes or family guardian homes.  
Some people who are looking for Anatolian Shepherd puppies are interested in breeding or showing.  Breeding and showing come with a larger set of responsibilities.  Before I agree to allow someone access to these bloodlines, a relationship based on common interests and trust must be established.  I am always looking for individuals whose goals are to preserve the integrity of this breed by reproducing pups for the sole purpose of improving genetics, and/or working with people who share my passion for showing.   If you think you would like to breed or show, I would LOVE to get to know you!  My goal is NOT to find a reason not to sell to you, but rather to make sure people understand the gravity of the responsibility they accept when they choose to breed a litter.  Please click the button below to view a sample contract.
Full AKC Registration Warrnty/Contract
BELOW are answers the the most frequently asked questions concerning adding a WhiteKnight Guardian to your family or operation.  Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions that I have not answered or would like to schedule an appointment to come meet our family of Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.
Every litter I produce is with the intent of improving the genetics of each generation.  Some of the puppies will go to breeding and/or show homes, some will go to Livestock Guardian and/or Family Guardian homes.  Which group a puppy ends up in will be determined at 8 weeks old.   Litters are evaluated for Show potential by Pat Hastings.  Additionally, their temperaments are evaluated at that time to determine which have the personality more suited to show life.   All the puppies in these litters will be structurally sound and correct;  however, a few pups will posess qualities that will give them an edge in the show ring.  Once the two groups have been established, I will make recommendations as to which puppy will be best suited for each buyer's needs and  buyers will select their puppy in the order the deposit was received.  An example of a recomendaton I may point out is if a person is looking for a puppy to be a family guardian and I notice that a particular puppy is more aloof, I will point this out to the family and suggest a puppy which is more outgoing and interested in interacting with people.  

Usually, the evaluator feels that 75% of my litters are of show/breeding quality.  Some are better than others...  If a puppy has been evaluated to be breeding/show quality but I do not have a show/breeding home available, the puppy is offered to buyers at the limited AKC registration price with limited AKC registration.

Once all families who sent in deposits before the 8 week old evaluations have picked up their puppies, information conerning availability will be uploaded to the web site under the litter's page and kept current.   I will clearly post availability information concerning each puppy on the web site next to their name/number.
Puppies sold with limited AKC registration will be $900.00 for Fawns and $1000.00 for the Brindle puppies.  Those being sold with Full AKC breeding and showing registration will be $2500.00 for Fawns and $3000.00 for Brindles.  Please click on the "Full Registration" and "Limited Registration" bottons to view our contracts.
We are required by the state of Tennessee to collect Sales tax in the amount of 9.25% for all sales in which the buyer picks the puppy up at my farm, or for puppies that are being shipped.  I am not required to collect sales tax if the transaction occures outside the state for example, in Kentucky.  Many people seem to have family or friends in Middlesboro, KY.  If it is more convenient for you, I am happy to meet you in Middlesboro KY.
I tend to be "worm paranoid".   The Dam of all litters is wormed at one week after the litter is born.   I don't want to increase her stress with a possible gastric upset shortly before birth or within that first week after birth which is why I wait.  Any puppies born with rear dew claws will have them removed shortly after birth.  All puppies will be weighed and wormed weekly starting at two weeks old.  Car rides will also start at one week old.  We don't go far, nor do we get out of the car.  It's just an "around the block" kind of ride.  I have found that if the puppies begin experiencing car rides at an early age, they are less likely to vomit during car rides at an older age.   At 6 weeks old, the puppies will have their first vet visit.  They will be evaluated for general health which will include a cardiac check for heart murmurs.    The first vaccination will take place at 7 weeks old.   
My goal is to take updated photos every Wednesday and post them on the web site by Thursday evening.   The quality of the pictures will depend on if I have help from my family or not.   Weeks when I have help, I will get side views and face shots of each puppy.  Weeks when I don't have help the pictures will be candid.  
I am currently accepting deposits.  The deposit is $100.00.  I am happy to accept a check as long as it will clear the bank before the puppy pick up date.  Checks can be mailed to Leslie Roden 308 Leatherwood Hollow Rd. New Tazewell, TN 3825.   A more convenient way to send it is thourgh PayPal.   Please use my Email address which is [email protected].  If you send it using their "Friends and Family" option, you can save the 3% service fee.  If you want to send it using their Business service, please be sure to add the 3% service fee.
Please don't get too attached to an infant puppy's color.   The coat color will change DRAMATICALLY from the time they are born to the time they mature.  The breed standard for the Anatolian Shepherd can be smooth (short) or rough (longer guard hair).  Adult coat length can not be determine until the puppy is close to 8 weeks old.
Below are two examples of the dramatic color change.   Pictured on the left are of two seperate puppies from Louie's last litter.  The pictures were taken at one week old.  To the right is the same puppy at 8 weeks old.  The difference in coat length can be seen here also.   The first puppy will mature to have a smooth coat.   The second puppy will mature to have a rough coat.
Jenny - Rex litter
​DOB 12-10-19
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DOUBLE AKC CHAMPION bred litter!  Jenny, who finished her championship in just one weekend was bred to AKC Ch Rex.   They had 8 beautiful puppies

(Males are currently available)
Melania - Kutup
DOB 12-7-19
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​LONG AWAITED LITTER!  After two other unsuccessful tries to get Melania pregnant, we FINALLY have a litter.  Melania and Kutup had a litter of 8 puppies.  Four are female, four are male.

(males are currently available)
​​ Kellyanne - Louie
DOB ​ 8-26-19
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We are SUPER excited to announce this Double AKC Champion breeding of close Turkish imports.  The Dam is OFA Excellent hips certified and the Sire is OFA Good.  We are expecting some outstanding breeding and show stock whose qualities will include exceptional Guardian abilities! 

(All puppies from this litter have been sold.)

Anna -  Louie DOB 1-11-19
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Anna and Louie produced an outstanding litter of 11 puppies on 1-11-19.   It consists of both Brindle and Fawn with a Black Mask puppies.  Please click the above button in yellow to view detailed information about this litter and see multiple pictures of these lovely pups.  All puppies in this litter have been placed.

(All puppies from this litter have been sold)​​
​​Anna - Kutup DOB 8-19-17r
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​Anna had her first litter with Kutup on 8-19-17.  We kept two for our breeding program.   The rest have been placed in their new homes.  The 8 week old pictures and updated older pictures aave been left up for your enjoyment.  Please click the button in yellow above to see the litter. 

​(all puppies from this litter have been sold)r